lørdag 4. juli 2009

Tomorrow is always a new chance

Nothing is going very good right now. Today started very good; I went on a trip with my grandparents and wasn't home before 18.00. By then I had just had 265 kcal. The meaning was 500 kcal max. But I failed. And since I failed, I just didn't care. But tomorrow! Oh, yes, tomorrow is a new day. I'm gonna take a Lindsay Lohan the next days; stay up to the middle of the night, then sleep as long as possible. Breakfast skipped - easy. Breakfast is actually the most difficult meal for me, at least in the weekends. We (my family) have always eaten breakfast together in the weekends, but now when it's summer, my mother doesn't care that much about it which is fine with me. Lunch is easy to skip; I usually just have a fruit or a carrot or something. Dinner is not that hard to skip. I only eat salads, soups or vegetables. I haven't eaten meat for sooo long now and that's good, because it is there most of the calories is, if you doesn't count sauce etc.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go for a long walk when I wake up. Of course, I wan't do it if the weather is bad, but lets hope it's good. I simply LOVE to walk. You're alone, you can think true everything or just listen to you're favorite thinspo music. And best; you are burning calories!

I think I'm gonna follow beginners advice and try to just weigh myself once a week. At least not every day. I know I've gained weight, but when I weigh myself on wednesday I wanna see the number 125.6 lbs (57 kg). Hope I can do it!

Now I'm gonna go to the bathroom, make myself ready for bed and then go to bed and try to finish my book. The book is really good. It's about vampires. I'm getting so interested in vampires after I started reading the Twilight saga.

Hope you're all okay, girls :D


2 kommentarer:

  1. Aww, that's so fun to be mentioned in someone's blog! And I believe you can totally be 57 by Wednesday, I'm just hoping to see a 64 on the scale but who knows.

    I think that's the problem about setting restrictive calorie limits, if you go over them you don't care and just screw it more up. I do it anyway, just need to stop it, think stop stop stop or even better; 57, 57, 57 (and I also have this fine red rubber band around my wrist now).

    Have a nice day tomorrow!

  2. it's better to weigh yourself once a week, you can clearly see the progress and motivate yourself, though it's harder for me when there is a scale near me, I find myself jumping on it every five minutes,
    I like walks too,
    good to hear your doing well,