fredag 10. juli 2009

Mothers are such a plague

I am back today, even tough my day wasn't good. It started good..., and I ruined it again. Well, I didn't ruin it that much, but my mother forced me to eat dinner. Taco. I fucking hate taco. Or, it isn't that bad since I just eat the salad, but I'm sooo sick of it. My brother and sister always (and when I say always, I mean always) wan't taco on Fridays. And on Saturdays my mother always wan't pizza. Of course, homemade pizza is better than the one you get in the store (we don't ever buy pizza in the store), and if she force me to eat pizza I usually make a vegetarian one. Anyways, as I said; I'm SICK of taco, and I'm SICK of pizza. Why can't my fucking mother just leave me alone and let me eat my low-calori soups or vegetables?! I really hate her. Or, I doesn't hate her, not all the time. But I doesn't feel like she is my mother either. I don't think I love her. No, I'm pretty sure I don't. And I absolutely don't love my father. Him I can say I hate pretty much all the time. I feel that I love my friends much more than I love my family. Does that make me a very bad person, when I say I don't love my family?!? Well, I don't care.

Tomorrow it's Saturday, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Or, one of my friends asked me if we could do something together tomorrow, tough she hadn't asked her parents yet. So I hope it is okay for her parents. If she invites me over, I'm saved. Or, I know I have to eat at her place, but that's better than staying home the whole day being watched by my mother. I'll try not to eat anything before I visit her, if I do. Really hope she sends me a message!

The last couple of nights I've been staying up really late so then I sleep very long. It's sooo much easier to avoid food when I sleep longer. I read some place that Lindsay Lohan stayed up half the night and slept during half the day to avoid meals. Pretty smart?! Does anyone know if she was exercising when she lost all that weight, or was it just because she wasn't eating?!

I'm gonna watch a movie right now, so I'll write more tomorrow.

Think thin! :D


PS: I'm not very good at posting thinspo pictures, so I'm gonna pull myself together on that!

3 kommentarer:

  1. omg my family does the same thing we have pizza like every other night :/
    i hate it.
    it doesn't make you a bad person to say you don't love your family. everybody hates their families at some point. i know i've said it..
    im sure lindsay lohan has said it.
    stay strong <33

  2. everyone hates their family from time to time,
    and my family is like that, pizza, but they have started to buy things like low-cal soup, so I'm saved. I hope you get to meet up with your friend, you'll have fun :) x

  3. We're at that age that we (at least some of us) dislike or even hate our families, it's alright.
    Don't worry about the pics, just put them up if you see something that grabs your interest ;)
    I need to start lying if I'm gonna be a success, that I've realized.