torsdag 23. juli 2009


Down another 100 g today, so it's 57,3 kg then. Not bad because it did feel like I had gained actually. I said I would only have 800 kcal today, but I think I'll say 1000 kcal. Don't know exactly how many I had, but I say 1000 just for sure.
I haven't done much exercise today either since the weather is still pretty bad, and also because of my stomach. My stomach was really angry today, and forced me to go to the bathroom very many times.
I'm going to exercise a little tonight tough. I borrowed a book with different kinds of exercises for the stomach, arms and legs. Can't wait to try them. I also borrowed a "lisening-book" (do' know what it's called) which I'm gonna listen to when I'm training. I'm also planing to run on the place. The "listening-book" was the first of the Lord of the Rings book. I really like Lord of the rings, but haven't had any time to read the book, because I read many other books at the moment.
Anyways, the two next days I'm gonna stay under 500 kcal as I said, and I'm also gonna go for a run/walk both the days. Hope the weather is good, if not I have to exercise in my room. I really need to exercise so I can reach my goal on Sunday. I know I'll reach it, it's just that the weight worries me. I can't think about anything else when I'm going to bed. "Hope I haven't gained, please let me not have gained. If I still see the 57'number it's fine, but I really hope I haven't gained. It's better to be the same, not more. But maybe, I've lost. No, I can't hope for that..." And so on. It's really difficult to sleep when all I can think about is food, weight, calories, fat +++ Since I couldn't sleep yesterday, I wrote down some plans in my diary. I planned all the days and weeks until the Autumn holiday. How many kg I have to lose, how many calories I'll have and so on and so on. It's so annoying to go true the same every night before I fall asleep.
Do anyone have an idea what to think about, or not think about, so I'll easier fall asleep?!
Hope your all okay, and stay strong everyone :D
M-K thinspo<3
Ohh my, I want legs like her's!
PS: Are everyone on vacation or something, because the comments are so few...?

3 kommentarer:

  1. you can reach it :) you still have 2 days :)))
    looooooooove mk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aaahhhh so tiny and cute and gorgeous..
    one day we will look like her :D

  2. thanks for the comment! and you are just as strong sweetie...i bet you could fast for a long time if you lived alone like i one around to nag you to eat, and when your friends want you to come out to eat you just say "i need to save money" or "my mom is yelling at me for eating out too much"

  3. it's called an "audio book" :) Lord of the Rings is brilliant! I'm sure it is holidays causing the lack of comments. I don't have so many either. Everyone's having a nice break away :) including meee! Hope you're takin it easy too!