mandag 6. juli 2009

Good day again

Finally, I can say that today was a good day. In fact, a very good day. I took a long run in the morning together with my brother, and I also went for a little run this afternoon too. The total was 7,7 miles! That's not bad. Wish I could do that every day, but I probably shouldn't. I'm afraid I would hurt my legs or something so that I couldn't run at all. Do' know, but I'm gonna go for a run every day though. Some days a short run, and other days a longer one. I'm also doing 100 situps in the mornings and 200 before I go to bed. I don't know how many I have to take before it'll show, but 300 seems good to me.

How many sit-ups do you normally take in one day?

So, today's intake:
B: 1 strawberry before run and 1 after
L: 2 slices of watermelon
D: 2 carrots and 3 strawberries

I'm also gonna make myself a cup of coffee now (I make it really healthy, so maybe 50 kcal :D ), so I'll say the total is 150 calories. Yes!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go for a run in the morning, and try to eat like today. And on Wednesday I'm gonna step on the scale. I'm a bit frightened about it, cause' I'm sooo afraid I've gained. Hopefully not. I will be happy if it shows 128 lbs, but I wish it shows 125.6 lbs. I know that's too much to ask for, but I just have to wait and see. It's really strange you know. I do wanna weigh myself just once a week so that I can see a bigger difference, but then I also gets really scared of doing it. So I think after this I'm gonna weigh myself when I feel for it.

In a month my friend and I are going on a campingtrip. We are gonna stay there with her parents from Friday to Sunday, and after that it's gonna be just her and me, and sometimes her boyfriend, from Sunday to Friday. On Friday her mother will come and drive us to another friends cabin were we and a few more girls are gonna stay over the weekend. That's over a week without bloging :(
Well, a month should be plenty of time to lose as much weight as possible before that long trip. I know I have to eat then. The first weekend I have to eat pretty normal since her parents are there, but when their gone I'm gonna try to eat as little as possible. My friend, who I'm staying with, know that I have problems with food and stuff, but she doesn't know far from all of it. The last weekend, when we are staying at the cabin should be easier. I'll try to eat as little as possible, because I know we'll drink at least one night.

Well, I'll write more tomorrow then.
Bye bye, my Ana-souls <3


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  1. Average sit-ups a day: 2 haha :P

    Your day sounded really good, way way better than mine.
    And hey, about that scale thing, I know it can be scary to weigh yourself once a week. I'm changing my plan to weighing on monday and friday, that way you'll take more care of yourself on the weekends but still should see quite a loss over the week ;)