onsdag 22. juli 2009

Another good day!

This morning I weight....., bambarambam; 57,4 kg! Yaay me! Shouldn't be too happy tough, it might change tomorrow. Don't have any feeling for today. Didn't eat that much; around 700 kcal, but I didn't exercise either. Took a few situps and some arm-training, but still it's not much. I wanted to go out for a walk, but it was raining most of the day so I didn't. But me and my mother went to the mall, so I walked a bit there. And I bought more low-calorie cocoa and a 1-kcal drink-thing (do' know what it's called in English :P).
Right now I'm watching the documentary "thin". Have just seen the first part, but I think it is quite good. I have also found sooo many new thinspo-pictures. Most of them is Lindsay Lohan, but that's good cause I really love her. She look so beautiful and thin. And I would die to have a hair like her! I also think that Mary-Kate is a good thinspo. Her legs is like Awesome, and she always has the most cool clothes.
Tomorrow it's my brother's birthday. I know, I said it was on Sunday, but it is tomorrow actually. On Sunday the family and some friends are coming, which mostly means food and cakes. Tomorrow also means food and cakes tough. I don't know what my brother choose for dinner, I'm sure he'll have taco which he loves, but that's okay since it's easy just to eat salad then. I'm also baking a cake. Found the most healthy one of the cakes he like, but I want have much of it. Just a tiny little piece. And I know I'm gonna have a small portion of ice-cream because we bought caramelsauce on the store. But just a really small portion. I've calculated it, and I should manage to stay around 800 kcal if I'm not screwing it up. I have a plan:
- Max 100 kcal before dinner (both my parents are at work, so that shouldn't be difficult)
- Max 100 kcal for dinner (may be less if I only eat salad, but if I have some dressing or something I'm saying 100 just in case)
- Around 600 kcal for ice-cream and cake (as I said I'll only have very small portions)
That is my plan. I have no idea what my weight will be tomorrow. Maybe I've lost, maybe I've gained. I just have to take it. I hope I haven't gained at least, because then I'm so close my goal on Sunday which is 57 kg. But I can do that. I'll just eat very little Friday and Saturday, and Sunday until the people are coming of course. I'm also gonna exercise a bit every day in the weekend. I don't know how much I'll exercise tomorrow, but I will do some (if the weather isn't too bad).
Anyways, my computer is a bit tired now, so that's the reason why my text is hanging together. Argh... I'll write tomorrow and tell how the day went.
Kiss kiss
Skinny skinny <33

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