søndag 12. juli 2009

Going away, but not gone...

I have just finished dinner with my family. It wasn't that bad. I had a small piece of salmon-pie and some salad. I think todays intake was around 800 kcal. Not as good as I wanted it to be, but sooo much better than yesterday. I also ran/walked 7,5 km today and after that I went for a small walk (3,2 km), so I burned 640 kcal total. Not bad. And if you wondered why I know exactly how many km i ran, the reason is that I have a pedometer on my phone. That's the only reason I doesn't buy a new one.

Soon, my mother will drive me to my best friend. And I shall stay there until Thursday. I don't care what my mother mean. I don't understand why she absolutelly wan't me to come home earlier when I'm home all the time. We are not going on vacation before the last week in August and I don't have a job, so I'm staying home every day. Boooring. But hey, I can exercise a lot...., when I'm not lazy.

Anyways, I have to blog when my friend is at work, so I have to do it before 15.00. But, I don't have anything else to do, so that should be okay. Ohh, I love to blog sooo much! My plan this week, when I'm not home, is to eat as little as possible when S is at work (I call my friend "S" because it's much easier then). And since I have to eat dinner with her, I'll just eat as little as possible. But that won't be hard. And she is a person who don't eat much candy or cakes and things like that, which is perfectelly fine with me. And, she loooves to exercise! Yeah :D

Don't know what more to write now, so I thing I'll just end it here. Thanks again for all the lovely comments. I'm sooo glad I have you guys. You are so supporting! <33


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  1. Hey, have fun at S's. It's great she loves exercising, you could go out jogging or cycling :)
    Congrats on all the exercise too, I'm way too lazy to exercise on weekends, and I'm also tired since I have a 9 hour workday. I think I'll take a nap that'll get me out of dinner :P

  2. hi
    i hope you will have much fun at your friends place.
    i am going to a camp for 3 days so i hop i will also have fantastic time with my friends
    stay strong and i hope you will be a good eater.

    slim it..