tirsdag 7. juli 2009

Carrots <3

Today wasn't that good. I didn't binge, but I didn't follow my diet precise either. I think I'm gonna manage to stick to it, but even tough my mother let me eat carrots for dinner, she want let me everyday. So, I figured out that it's okay to eat what my family eats some of the days (of course just the healthy stuff), but most of the days I'm gonna stick to carrots or lettuce and cucumber (I'll add cucumber to my diet, because that's really negative calories).

What I usually do when I eat carrots to dinner is that I boil them. When they're boiled I just take them over in a bowl and I mash them with this machine. Then I eat it with the spice I want. I love it<3 Jammy!

So, since I ate dinner with my family today I had a baked potato. I just ate it with spice and a little bit of cheese, so I'll say 300 kcal since I didn't finish it. The total for today are around 800 calories, I think. That's not too good, but I'll do better tomorrow! I also wanted to go for a run today, but lazy me dropped it. The first thing I'm gonna do tomorrow morning is go for a run. It's actually very lovely once you get started. The problem is just that..., to get started.

I've read that some of the girls in here are doing a thing the call "chew and spit". I think that's both disgusting and smart. Then you can eat and taste whatever you want to have, just without all the calories. Awesome! I just wondered how many calories you have to count if you do that, because I'm sure you'll get something down in your tummy, even do you spit it out. Do anyone know or have a meaning about that?!?

You'll see I'm using Kristen Stewart as a thinspo today. I really like Kristen. She is so slim and beautiful. Wish I had her legs! She's also a very good actress. I like her movies "Panic room" and "Twilight".

So, stay strong everybody! <3

xoxo, Marca

PS: My 300 sit-ups each day are going well. Just wonder if 300 is enough?!

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  1. when i'm very tempted i chew and spit, you might ingest some calories if you swallow, so what i do is i put a big piece of food in my mouth and chew, and when i feel like swallowing i spit it, and i rinse my mouth with water and spit, you can also wash your teeth, but remmeber not to swallow in any moment

  2. I chew and spit sometimes, when I feel a binge coming on, I like kristen too, i wish I looked like her,
    good luck getting started with your running :)

  3. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. Your english is lovely btw :) I'm a languages student myself so I won't judge you ever - it's a great thing to learn a new language and you're doing really well :) Kristen Stewart is great thinspo - especially in that kissing scene in Twilight where she's wearing the little shorts - I'm so jealous of her there! Well done on your sit ups too - I'm going to do 100 before bed :) bonne chance x

  4. Hey.
    I do the chew and spit thing. If you do it right, almost none of the calories end up in your stomach.
    It's hard to do right though because you're so used to swallowing it.
    It's a really great idea though.
    I eat candy and shit and then just spit it out. =D

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    tomorrow is a new day and this time i will make it
    i will buy a scale tomorrow and weigh myself and then i am going for my goal weight 110ibs
    i just have to find a good hiding palce for the scale

  6. uh, chew and spit... wouldn't work for me, my mind just doesn't work as well when I feel the tast of food, I would be able to spit but then I would just get reeeeeeeaaaally tempted to eat more... But I don't know o: