tirsdag 14. juli 2009

Happy day!

I'm just sooo happy today! I'm feeling better, even tough my jogging trip yesterday ended up as a short walk. The sun is up, the weather is warm and nice..., and I actually don't feel that fat today. I can see my collarbones better, my hipbones and the ribs. Not that I have lost that much weight, but I know I've lost. My cloths are fitting better, and everything is just so good. Yesterday I had 500 kcal total, and I burnt 450 kcal on the walk. Today I've so far had a little over 300 kcal, which was not my plan, but since I'm feeling so great today it's okay. I know I will eat more when S is coming home, but I also know that I wan't go over 2000 kcal. Never ever. And I wan't binge, because I have control now. In an hour I'm going to take the bike and met S at her work, then we are going to the store, and after that we have to take our bikes home again. I think it'll be around one hour of biking, so that'll burn some calories. I'm going to take the bike and met her Wednesday and Thursday too, so I know I'll get exercise.

Anyways, except from that I'm not doing much. Watcing TV, reading a few books, and of course looking at blogs. I love to read blogs. Sometimes I just read true peoples whole blog..., it's sooo inspirational!

Stay strong everybody!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah, I've sometimes read whole blogs in one sitting. And I feel so good, in control and light and energetic somehow.

    Why would we wan't to spoil this great feeling with something as stupid as binging?

  2. Hey, yeah the strawberry and milk is REALLY GOOD. I just put a strawberry or two and a cup of milk in a blender and blend it for like a minute, very simple :)