torsdag 16. juli 2009

Cinema tonight :D

The past few days haven't been that good at all, so I decided not to blog. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I had around 1800 kcal, which I'm not very proud of. Buuuut, I have been exercising both days, so at least that's 1 plus. Today I've had around 1000 kcal I think, and that's still much too much, but again I will pull myself together and try to stay around 500 kcal daily. I know I can do that, cause' 500 are actually not that hard..., I mean, if you eat the right things you can it a hell lot of it.

One other plus is that I'm nearly not eating meat at all. I don't know why I do it, I just do. I guess it's because I stopped eating meat for a few years ago (of course I eat meat sometimes, but very little) because I wanted to be healtiher. And now it's become a habit. My brain is saying "it's in the meat most of the calories are, so stay away from it!". Or maybe it is the little voice called "Ana" who is speaking to me. Suppose so.
(Just have to say that most of the times I eat meat is when I'm at a friends house, cause it's not easy to avoid meat then. I could say I'm a vegetarian, but then I would have to live up to that. And since I'm not vegetarian for real, I don't wanna say it. Nothing is easy, heheh!)

Tonight, just 1 minute over midnight, I'm going to watch Harry Potter with two friends. I can't wait to see it! Since I'll be sitting in the cinemahall in 3 hours I'm bringing a cola zero, some sugarfree pastille and a lollipop with me. I really think that it's better to eat a lollipop than some other stuff. Have know idea how many calories there are in a small lollipop, but I guess it's few. And for some reason I think cola zero is sooo much better than cola light. Have no idea why, it just tast's much better.

Anyways, thanks to beginner for the advice with the "strawberry-milk-drink". I have to try it soon, it sounds sooo delicious! And I have an advice too. I'm a person who simply loves smoothies, and the one I think it's the best is when you just make it from strawberries and bananas. Usually I freeze the fruit cause' then the smoothie will be cold. Just cut a few bananas in tiny slices and put it in a box. Do the same with the strawberries, and put it all in the freezer. Taaaddddaaaa, a cold, fresh and, of course, healthy smoothie!

Tomorrow I'm gonna weigh myself. Ohhh, I really hope I haven't gained after this past few days, but I do' know. I'll tell you tomorrow.
Stay strong, friends <33


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  1. Oh hehe, I forgot, the strawberries I use are frozen, so it's all cold and refreshing :P

    1000kcal is very good, and 1800 is less than most people. Don't worry too much if you'd might see a slight gain tomorrow, probably only the food in your digestive track, fat doesn't come on that easily when you're also exercising.

    And if you want to make a lame excuse for not eating meat at friend's tell them you saw a show last night about how they make hamburgers :P


    I'm just back from seeing it. Best one yet. Love it.

    Remember that you need like 2000 cals per day to maintain your weight so anything under that is fine. Take it as a rest day and a reward for being so good this far. Keep strong. :)

  3. There have been so many blogs what mention harry potter lately.. :D i am a fan also so that's great...
    i am sure that you havent put on and Fat weight just some water or food weight or something like that...
    god i dont even remeber the last time i drank coca in any form... :P
    stay strong xo