onsdag 8. juli 2009

I want the sun back...

Well, today was finally Wednesday. Since my weekend was really bad, I thought I had gained pretty much. I thought the scale would show me 130 lbs or even more. It showed me 127,8 lbs! Haven't gained and I'm really happy for that, but still I feel sooo fat. I hate my body, and especially my legs. I hate them. Really hate them.

Had much more calories than I should today, and I'm so disappointed over myself. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to have only 200 kcal. Do' know if that'll work, but if I just have some cucumber for breakfast, water for lunch and mashed potatoes for dinner, that will not be over 200 kcal. The mashed potatoes have very little calories, only 70 or 90 per serving. Love mashed potatoes.

Yesterday I wrote about chewing and spiting, and even tough it's a bit disgusting, it's totally worth it. I mean, it's nearly calori free. Just be really careful not to swallow. I did it yesterday, and I really feel that I fool my stomach to believe it's full. Smart! I'm gonna do that often when I'm home alone. If I feel hungry or feel that I'm gonna binge, I'll just find something and "chew and spit". Awesome!

My friend and I went for a run today morning, and when we was half way true it started raining sooo much. So we walked the rest of it, but hey, walking also burn calories. I love too walk! And it's much easier to talk when you walk, so we was just talking about everything. Haven't seen her for a while, so I'm really glad we hanged out, even tough I ate more than I would have done if she hadn't visited me. But she was hungry and I don't think she would have eaten without me, so I just had a crispbread with low-fat cheese and cucumber. I really love crispbread, and I've found some really good one which is only 30 calories per serving. They are so good that I just eat them as they are. Only 30 calories. Jam!

I have know idea how tomorrow's gonna be like. I only know what I'll eat. I think I have to see the movies I borrowed at the library last week. I'm a bit slow...

I hope you all had a better day than mine!

I will be 108 the first schoolday after the summer. I WILL!

xoxo for now,

2 kommentarer:

  1. When is the first day of school? And be glad you didn't GAIN like I DID *shakes head*
    I have 61 days to lose 19kg now :S... 300g a day ... 2,7kg a week... it's gonna be a close one... think I can even do it?

  2. Yay for losing weight! Your metabolism probably went up too!