søndag 5. juli 2009

I'm singing in the rain

It was raining today, dammit. I've been sooo lazy today, but tomorrow i'm gonna start exercising again. If the weather is good I'm gonna go for a run, and if it's still raining I'm gonna dance and do a lot of other exercises at home.

I'm also starting a new diet tomorrow :D So here it is:
- I'll eat carrots, watermelon and strawberries. Maybe a small salad sometimes.
- I'll drink water (at least 1,5 litres every day), coffee and diet soda.
- I'll exercise at least 1 hour every day. And I'm gonna run all the days when the weather allows it.

I know this plan will work. Do' know how long I'm gonna stick to it, and I may change the plan from time to time, but mostly I'm gonna follow the original (which is the one I wrote here). One of my best friends and I made a deal right after christmas, which I'm also gonna stick to. I'll tell my parents etc. that I have a deal if they ask. Well, here it is:

NO: chips, candy, chocolate, cake, ice crean, chocolatemilk, cookies and muffins.
If there is some very special parties or something, it is okay to eat a small piece of cake or something, but only if it is nearly impossible to get away from it!

So that's actually 2 new plans. I'll say max 500 kcal every day, but I don't think that's gonna be when I'm only gonna eat carrots, watermelon and strawberries. If anyone wanna join, that's fine with me. It's also okay if you wanna join, but change a bit on the plan.

Do I lose more weight if I drink more water? Like, do I lose more if I drink 2 litres every day instead of 1?

I'm gonna write tomorrow and tell how it goes. Still (at least) 22 more pounds to go!
Hope your all okay :D

Think thin,

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow that plan sounds extreme. But if your fridge is full of watermelons, carrots and strawberries then it shouldn't be that hard. And if you do go over 500kcal a day, don't think you've spoilt everything and just start eating/binging for the rest of the day, that happens to me too often..
    And I so hope you can stop the chocolate and pastry, they really are my weakest link, and bread *shakes head* well, at least you're on the right track, those kilos will just fly away!

  2. hi
    sry for such a late repaly but i was out of town and well i had no computer there so...
    how are you doing by the way.
    i am starting a new diet tomorrow and hope i can stick to it.