tirsdag 30. juni 2009

Running, finally....

I'm coming straight from the shower, clean and scented with fragrance, and now I'm finally gonna write. I didn't really believe that I was gonna manage to write a blog, I mean I'm not that interesting, but I really love to write about my boring life. Anyways, like I said I have just taken a shower because I went out running, which was just in time if you ask me. I haven't been running for 2 weeks I think because it has been sooo hot here. It's like beeing in the Mediterranean. It's weird cause it usually isn't that hot at all here, but it is very wonderful. I think I ran around 2, 5 km or something. It's not that long, but hey, it is burning calories! I also walked 4 km earlier in the day, and I walked to the library after that, so I have been exercising quite a lot today.

I watched the film "A secret between friends" today. I simply love that film! I really recommend it. It's about two girls, Lexi and Jen, who becomes best friends, and both of them gets an eating disorder. Lexi have just moved in and begins on the volleyball team at the school. There she meet Jen, who is the best player and a very popular girl. Lexi finds out that Jen are trowing up when she eats. Lexi is also told to lose a few pounds by her trainer, so Jen and Lexi starts dieting together. Soon, Lexi develops anorexia, while Jen develops bulimia. I wan't tell anymore, but if you haven't seen it, you really should.

Jen and Lexi
I found some books about eating disorders in the library, but they wasn't that good, so I only looked through them. I really like libraries because it is so calm and peaceful there. It seem like they have every book in the world in there, and you can find whatever you are looking for. I borrowed 2 movies; "Kautokeino-opprøret" and "Gone with the wind". Haven't seen either of them before, but I hope they are good.
I haven't really lost weight, but I haven't gained either, so that is good. Yesterday I had around 700 kcal, and today I'm not sure, but I have been eating like a cow. Maybe 1700 kcal, not more than 2000. When I got up in the morning I had this good plan for the day, but my mother had brought home some cakes from a party last night, so I had one piece. And another. And even though I haven't really binged, I let myself eat "normal" for today. It's really difficult to eat what other people call normal, cause I feel sooo guilty and disgusting and sad.
Tomorrow I'm gonna run in the morning, right after breakfast. I do' know what I'm gonna eat as breakfast, but I have more benefit of the running if I eat a little bit first. Maybe a low-fat yoghurt (67 kcal)? What would you have eaten in the morning before a jog?!?
Thanks again for all the lovely comments. I am really surprised that I have people that have joined my site. You know, I didn't expect it at all! Thanks, everyone. You really help me on my way to perfection<3
PS: I don't know why the text are like sitting together. I'm not very good at computer stuff!

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  1. Hey, your life isn't that boring, just normal :P

    I'm gonna try to find that film you mentioned, sounds interesting.
    And before a jogg in the morning is good to have just a fruit, but if you don't have work or anything then it's also alright to just go out jogg and then go to sleep when you get back (without having anything). Cereals are alright too, but I recommend you try weighing your cereal, they say that a portion is like 30g and I had no idea it was that little until I weighed it.

    I think it's also very good to think about what to have the next day. I just do that without trying, it's good because then you won't go looking into the cupboards for things to eat and where you might come on to some binge triggers ;)

    And don't worry about your weight yet, I like to weigh myself just once a week so I can see a difference.

  2. sorry, gotta comment again (wow I just noticed how long my other comment was >_<) But thanks so much for your comment it felt really nice and I really appreciate it *hugs*

  3. Kudos on all the exercise today!
    I know what you mean bout the its hard to eat "normally" without getting those feelings of regret and disgust, but i've found its better than fasting or serious restricting...yeah it takes longer but its easier to maintain.
    Stay Strong sweets!


  4. I absolutely love that film, I find it really inspirational.
    well done on getting so much exersize, I am so lazy and get like none.
    I did the same, I had a plan for today but it failed when I had breakfast and just couldn't stop eating.
    hope your okay :) x