fredag 26. juni 2009

Good day

So, today was a good day. It could been better though, but also it could be worse. When I woke up this morning (woke up at ten, but hey, it's holiday!) I had my breakfast before I went down to my room and my dancing mate (I try to eat a little to breakfast every day because of the metabolism). It's actually very fun dancing on a dancing mate, the one you add to your playstation, you know. I burned around 150 kcal and after that I did a few sit-ups +++ After that I took a shower, and the rest of the day I just was lazy. Or nearly. My sister and I went for a walk in the evening, I think it was around 4,5 km. That's not bad.

Today's intake:
B: low-fat yoghurt 67 kcal
L: nectarine and caprizone 137 kcal
D: tomatosoup and salad 200 kcal

And I'll add a bit more, so around 450 kcal?! That's not bad. And I know I burned around 530 kcal.

Anyways, I have some knew rules for the summer:

- No more than 500 - 800 kcal (I'm gonna try staying around 500, but some days it'll be difficult because my mother is home so much)
- Exercise at least 45 min every day
- Try to blog every day

I also try not to weigh myself every day because then I'll see a bigger lose!

Tomorrow I have to run. I couldn't today because my shoes is all new and then I would just get a blister, so I had to walk today. But just walking is actually good training, if you walk fast enough.

Don't know what my weight was today, but maybe I'll weigh myself tomorrow?!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't think anyone would do that, so thanks guys.

And to beginner: I would love to share my msn with you. How can I send it to you? I tried send it on the email on your blog, but I didn't understand any of it :P I'm not a computer-person.

Think thin, xoxo

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  1. hi
    how are you doing?
    i am -H- and i am looking for weight loser buddies.
    i am 61kg and 166
    i actually live also in a northen country