søndag 28. juni 2009

128.5 lbs!

After I wrote yesterday, I fucking binged. Oh, why did I do that! I'm sooo disappointed over myself. I was so sure I had gained at least 2 lbs, buuuuut I lost 1,5 lbs?! What the hell is that? How can that possibly happen? I think I had around 1300 kcal total, but I never dreamt of losing. Well, I'm sure I will have gained tomorrow, though. Not that I ate to much today (around 1000 kcal), but that often happen to me; I binge one day and the next day I have lost weight. But then, the day after that, I usually gain weight. Well, that's me.
I haven't done much today, and I haven't been exercising today either (or at least not until know, maybe I'll dance a bit afterwards). I went to the pond today again, and was swimming a bit, so that's good. I wasn't swimming that much though, because I'm not a person who loves to swim. At least not in small ponds were it is grass in the bottom. But I love to swim other places, just not places were it is grass. Not that I'm good at swimming, I really suck at it :P
After the binge yesterday my weight is now 128.5 lbs! I shouldn't be too happy, cause that'll probably not last long. Tomorrow I'm gonna go out for a run, no matter what the weather is like. 20,5 more lbs to go, then. I have to make it before the school begin in August. I'm wondering how much that'll show on my body. I really hope my thighs will be smaller, because I really hate my thighs. Their much to big. I wanna have thighs like Lindsay Lohan! She look just sooo beautiful now after she lost weight. Not that she was fat or anything before, but now....
One more thing I did today was cleaning my room. It's very boring when you know you have to do it, but when you just get started it isn't that bad after all. It's funny to find stuff you had forgotten, and it just feels sooo good when your done. It also burns some calories when you are cleaning, washing etc.
I heard a knew song today which was so lovely;
Niels Brinck with Heaven's close to hell.

Skinny thighs<3

Keep on starving, girlies!

xoxo Marca

3 kommentarer:

  1. ah I wish I had legs like her too,
    mine are so fat and discusting,
    good job on the weight loss,
    that has never happened to me though,
    when I binge I always gain a ton of weight :(
    hope your okay, x.

  2. Well once, I was just at this christening thing at my niece's and had a ton of cake. Felt really bad and went out for a short stroll. But that week I lost 2kgs, which was very much for me back then...

    Your plan sounds pretty good. Hope you will stick to it, and 30lbs in just less than two months is not impossible!

  3. Agreed, Lindsay Lohan looks gorgeous now that she's lost weight. I have a picture of her from the Spanish Vogue inside my book of thinspo. It's one of my favorites, actually.

    And maybe the binge jumpstarted your metabolism? Really strange.