torsdag 25. juni 2009

Sun, sun and more sun...

Here I am.., back again. So, the last days haven't been very good because I have slept over at a friends house. I know I could have said no to at least some of the food, but it is difficult since my friend have had an eating disorder. Or at least so she say. I know I should believe her because she is one of my best friends, but it's quite hard sometimes. I know she has lied to me before, and who knows..., she could lie again. Anyways, I love her very much, and we don't see eachother that much, so...

"I hate loving my friends..."

That's a good sentence I think, because it's nearly true. I love my frinds sooo much, but it is very difficult to hide my secret sometimes. The last months I haven't really eaten anything at school, and some of my friends are commenting it. I just say that since I easily gets "problems with my stomach", I prefer not to eat to much at school. It works pretty good, but I think a few of them are a little concerned about me. If I say something to avoid food or say something about my body, shape, weight etc. they always try to convince me I'm not fat. But I know I am, and I know their lying...

But anyways, summer is here now and school doesn't start until the 17 of August. I both like and dislike it. Summer is a new beginning. I wish so badly that I'm gonna reach my goal the 17 of August which is 108 lbs. I'm gonna work so hard cause I want people to notice. I want them to see that I have lost weight. I wanna show them that I actually CAN do something, even do I suck in so many other things. I just want people to notice me...

So, like I said, summer is a good time trying to reach my goals. I don't have a job, and I'm not going on any trip, so I am free to do a lot of exercise.., which I will. I'm gonna run, dance on my dancing mate +++ The last days I haven't been exercising much because it is sooo hot here now. It's like beeing in Africa! But when it's hot like this, I nearly never are hungry. There isn't much which are tempting, except from fruit and vegetables. And that's a big plus. And I'm also sunbathing a lot (I'm always pale like a ghost).

This was a long second contribution, hope I wrote most of it right :P Tomorrow I'm gonna wright about a new plan I have. Just have to think a bit more on it, but I think it will work!

xoxo Marca

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  1. Your english is just fine :)

    I'm from Iceland and if you have msn I'd be more than happy to add you.

    I avoid any kind of talk about body, weights, diets and that. I think my friends would never suspect me of having an eating disorder.. heh, I even had dream I told my friend about it. Anyway, good luck and you'll definetely hear some "wow's you've gotten thinner" when school starts again. :)

  2. I'm from the U.S.
    my friends would always warn me not to get tooo out of hand. and I'm always like "r u kidding me? I lost 4 pounds in 2 days!" and there always like "i hope ur eating right" and I'm like "yup" but thinking whatever in the back of my mind. LOL

    p.s. thanks for following!