tirsdag 18. august 2009

Second day at school

School is still a rescue from food. Love school at the moment<3

Had 1000 kcal today. Know I shouldn't have had so much, but then I'll see tomorrow what it does to my weight. I mean, if you lived on a 1000 calories the rest of you're life, you how to get skinny sometime, right? Since 1000 calories is the half of what a woman really need. It will take longer time, though.

Of course I won't do that. Tomorrow I'm gonna stay under 500. I'm gonna be quite busy tomorrow, so that'll be easy.

We have gym at school tomorrow. I really don't like gym cause I'm so bad at it. I'm always messing thing up. Of course, gym is exercising, but still. Dancing is the best!

K and I are going on shopping on Thursday. I'll do my very best. And K is a healthy person, so I guess if we buy food at least it will be healthy.

On Friday I'm going to a birthday party. That means alcohol. But I'll eat as little as possible before the party. And I know we'll not eat dinner, just snacks, which are pretty easy to avoid. And I wan't be drinking that much, so... It'll be fun.

Stay strong everybody. And thanks for the comments<3 I know I'm not good at all to comment on everyones blogs, but I'm one of those who never know what to write. Bad excuse, I know.

xoxo for now,

PS: I lost 1 lbs from yesterday!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I always hated gym too. I'm so bad at sports and anything that requires coordination. That's why i just run and lift weights for exercise, no sports that i can make a fool of myself with.

    Yay for losing that pesky pound. Keep up the good work!

  2. ah, school is such a good way to get out of food, I'm not back yet though. dammit :)
    well done for losing a pound! and good luck at that party, I know you'll keep control :)

  3. Ew, I hated gym. I was always embarrassed at being so bad at everything, plus I always ended up with gym at the very beginning of the day, and I was scared of getting sweaty for the rest of the day!

    I start school on the 1st, and I'm so exciteddd. It'll make it so much easier to restrict!

  4. I always found every way to get out of gym ; )
    That's so wonderful on losing 1 lb! And 1000 really isn't too much and I'm sure you'll do even better tomorrow <3
    Stay strong and have fun at the party <3

  5. Hey I really like your blog! You have my support and i know, school is the best way to get out of eating. check out mine? i need all the support i can get :( nothanksialreadyate.blogspot.com