fredag 7. august 2009

Please, don't forget me...

I'll be back in a week!
Camping, yes. No, not funny.
Take a deep breath, Marca. You'll be fine. You can take your best friend with you. Ana will come with you. Stay calm. Yes, like that. Good girl!

I have to survive this week. And I have to be a really good girl this week. The weight today was disappointening. Ana was not pleased. Marca was not pleased.
Marca look at herself in the mirror and see a big cow. A fat stomach, which kind of grows over her jeans. Big, fatty arms and even bigger, fattier tighs, which are all dizzing and ugly and I hate it. I hate it.
Marca hate her big self.
Marca wan't to be skinny. Like her best friend Ana.
Ana is Skinny. Ana is Beautiful. Ana is Perfect.

Ana whisper things to Marca. Whisper that she always will be there to help Marca, cause Ana know that Marca wan't to be skinny. Ana also wan't Marca to be skinny. Cause then people will notice Marca. People will like Marca. Then Marca's friends don't have to be ashamed of Marca anymore. Marca can't wait till she's skinny.

Marca's best friend S told Marca that she had gained weight. She said she hated it. She said she wanted to lose the weight again, and become like she was. S says she'll be starting a diet. Marca says she know how S feels, and Marca also says that she will join S on her diet.

S will start a healthy diet. Eat healthy food and exercise. Healthy food means at least 1300 kcal every day. Marca know's better. Marca know much better than S how to lose weight. Marca know that it's easier to eat little. Very little. And execise much. Very much. Marca know that if you wan't to be skinny you can't eat 1300 kcal. It doesn't work that way. But Marca can't tell her dieting friend S that. Cause S want's to lose her extra weight and be "Healthy skinny". Marca wanna be skinny. Skinny skinny. Big different. S would be worried about Marca's health if Marca teached S what she does to lose weight.
But it is great to know that S is dieting. It wan't be that difficult for Marca then. For Marca to diet her own way.

Marca have to go know. She have to pack her things. But please, don't forget her. She'll be back. And maybe then she'll be a pound lighter than before she went. Don't know. Have to wait and see.

Love yah all, my beautiful followers, or can I call you my friends. Cause it feel like you are all my friends. An Marca feel that her heart says she love you all, friends <33

Just one more thing; Marca loves her hair today. It looks very pretty. Like angelhair.
Marca wishes her hair to look like that every day!

5 kommentarer:

  1. hi...
    i hope you have fun on you trip and that you will move lots there and lose weight also..
    i cant wait till you will be back..
    actually i am having a good hair day also.. :D after i washed, blow dred them...
    i know what you mean if i would say how i diet they would probably freak out a little
    stay strong

  2. Try to have a good time on your trip. I promise i won't forget you, my friend Marca. I love you too! I'm sure you'll come back lighter than you went out. Just stay strong.

    I know what you mean about your friend... My friend always says that he wants to lose weight and says that i'm skinny and asks me for diet tips. I tell him all the "healthy" diet tips i know, but the truth is for me "healthy" diet does nothing. I need Ana to be thin; everyone needs Ana to be thin.

    You will be missed. Much much love.

  3. I hope you have fun camping, just burn those marshmallows over the campfire!

    Just let Ana play with you, don't push her away just because you are away.

  4. awww
    i love this post.
    have fun camping!!!
    and yes, the healthy way never ever works :/
    stay strong <333

  5. Have a great time camping. Calling me friend would be awesome. Glad your hair looks lovely and goodluck at keeping your calories low.