mandag 17. august 2009


Yep, school started today. Funny! Ehh, wtf?!?
But I do like it actually. It's easier not to eat at school. Of course, friends becomes a problem sometimes, but they are used to me eating little, so it goes pretty well.
The only bad thing about it is that my stomach always (and then I mean ALWAYS) makes so much noise. And when everybody hear my stomach, they have hard to believe it sometimes when I say I'm not hungry. Hmmm...
Any tips what to do about a screaming stomach?!

I also started as a dancing teacher today. Two hours three times a week.
And soon my own dancing will start again. One hour two times a week.
Yes, you read right. I'm gonna be busy.
Which is a great thing, cause then my mother can't make me it so much.
And I love dancing, so this shall be fun.

I have had 400 calories today. Pretty good. Don't know my weight though since my mother was on the bathroom so much this morning. But I'm gonna weigh myself tomorrow, if I get the chance that is.
I don't know how many calories I'll have tomorrow. My friend K and I are maybe going out on shopping, but I don't know yet. If we do, it'll be pretty hard not to eat so much, but I'll do my best of course.

Anyways, my goal this week is to just lose as much as possible. I'm going away to Africa on Sunday remember. I'll be gone a week then. So I have to do my very best this week.
I know I can do it.

Hope everyone are doing fine <3


5 kommentarer:

  1. I'm looking forward to starting school too because it means being too busy to eat ; )
    That's so great you'll be getting such wonderful exercise from all that dancing! :D
    I know taking tums can help with stomach acid...I don't know if it helps with stomach rumbling though....maybe drinking more water...? ugh, I wish I knew...: /
    Great job with staying so low with cals!
    And I'm sure you'll do fine while in Africa ; )
    Stay strong <3

  2. Africa! How exciting ^-^

    You seem to be doing good, and if you're going shopping shouldn't there be a subway or something light like that nearby?
    Keep up the good work.

    (oh and btw, I changed my name from beginner because I'm not really a beginner at this anymore :P)

  3. Oo good luck in Africa! I don't really know how to stop stomach rumbles... I always just poked my stomach really hard. Like pushed it really hard with my hand and tightened my stomach muscles and that seemed to stop it. Well done on the 400, that's great :)

  4. I also find it alot easier not to eat when I'm at school, your just so busy doing stuff you forget. and my friends are used to me being 'not hungry' all day so they don't mention it. and shopping doesn't always mean eating, it can also be great motivation,
    I hope you have an amazing time in africa!

  5. Ugh i hate it when my stomach betrays me like that. It always waits until everyone else in the room is quiet too and then really loudly growls. So embarrassing. Wish i knew how to make it stop.

    Stay strong and you'll be the thinnest girl in Africa!