fredag 21. august 2009


Short post. I'm going away on dancing in 30 minutes, so I'm in a hurry.
Anyways, things are going pretty fine. My goal this week was to be down 1 kg from Monday to Sunday, but actually I think it'll be 2 kg.
Monday morning: 59 kg
Tuesday morning: 58,5 kg
Tuesday evening: 58 kg
Wednesday morning: 57,6 kg
And just now: 57,2 kg

Today I think that at the end of the day my intake will be around 1200 kcal. So the rest of the weekend I have to be careful. I'll do my best.
I'm going away this Sunday, and won't be back before the next Sunday.
I know I'll probably gain when I'm on holiday. I mean, it's really not easy NOT to gain when you are eating out on restaurants every night. But of course, I'll do my best.

My goal for the Autumn leave was actually 51 kg. And if I gain to 58 kg or something during this trip, I have 4 weeks to loose 7 kg. That'll be hard. Do' know if I can do that, but it's okay as long as I keep losing.

Well, I have to go then.
I'll write more tonight or tomorrow.

Love yah <33


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